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As forms of self-expression go self-employment is one of the highest forms there is. It’s where ideas, ambition, passion and skill come together to create something that didn’t exist before, or was waiting to be realized. The combination of these assets also creates tremendous opportunity. Opportunity can mean many things to many people:

  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Make an Impact in Your Community
  • Expand an Idea
  • Test Yourself
  • Leave a Legacy
  • Better Provide for Your Loved Ones

Self Employment Guru provides clarity and insight to those considering owning a business and to those business owners planning their exit.

I Want to Own a Business

This first group hopes to enter the realm of self-employment. At this time they are dealing on one hand with feelings of excitement and dreams of their future, and on the other hand they face questions, concerns and the challenging learning curve. It’s easy to see why a good number do not move past this point or eventually fail in the effort. Welcome to “The Fuzzy Front End” of self employment. Two significant questions we help get quality answers to are; is self employment a viable option for me or not, and if so, what model, markets and format are my best fit? This is facilitated through self-administered assessments, in-depth consultation, best-fit matching, choice evaluation and guidance.

I Need an Exit Plan

The second group is already self-employed. Studies show most CEO’s recognize the need for an exit plan but very few develop or implement one. An exit plan is more than knowing what you want to do, such as sell your business or leave it to your heirs. It is a comprehensive How-To process with a team of talented professionals supporting and shepherding the implementation. Our short and long term programs include; 3rd party valuation, business assessment, exit planning, needs analysis, personal wealth and tax planning, value enhancement options, exit option formulation, offering documentation and exit execution services.

It is at these critical inflection points when our help is needed most. Whether you’re pursuing your dream or preparing to harvest the fruits of your labor, we help reduce risk and increase the odds of success and satisfaction.

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